Hassan Akkad, first official blood donor to the #Blood4Blood project

21st July 2016

I am delighted that Hassan Akkad, a Syrian refugee granted asylum in the UK, has agreed to be a collaborator on my #Blood4Blood project by excepting my request for him to donate a small amount of his blood to be made into an artwork (a very small thing in comparison to what he’s been though). ¬†Hassan took part in the recent hard hitting BBC2 documentary series #Exodus, following some of the million people who smuggled themselves into Europe in 2015.

There are still 20 days left to view the series on BBC iPlayer, essential viewing for all.




Raw materials to install

30th June 2016

Studio,  workshop, pick up, install

Water gilding the frames

16th June 2016

What an absolute pleasure to watch, a master gilder at work: removing the loose leaf from the book; coating the frame in a solution of rabbit skin glue, water and meths; cutting the leaves to size and placing them individually onto the frame; and finally smoothing the gold with cotton wool.

Collection day and aftermath at Clive’s place

6th June 2016

Making the frames for Blood4Blood

4th June 2016

Images of the process of circular frame making by Clive the carpenter: milled lengths of Sapele, planed, cut, glued and on the lathe ready to be shaped.

timber ready for cutting


Interview with FAINT magazine

30th January 2015

download PDF for interview